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Klaviyo Cost: A Comprehensive Guide to Pricing and Value

Klaviyo cost: Unravel pricing, boost sales & loyalty. Discover value & maximize investment in personalized email marketing. Dive in!


Klaviyo cost is a crucial factor to consider when evaluating its email marketing services.

Klaviyo's email marketing has become a favorite for businesses keen on boosting sales and strengthening customer loyalty. Through personalized interactions, it allows brands to build long-lasting connections.

Before going into more details, it's crucial to understand Klaviyo's pricing. This guide will shed light on its value proposition and how to maximize your investment. Interested in making the most of Klaviyo? Let's dive in!

Understanding Klaviyo's Pricing Model: Active Profiles

Unlike other email marketing tools that focus solely on subscriber counts, Klaviyo introduces the concept of 'Active Profiles'. In simple terms, Active Profiles signify the number of contacts you actively engage with.

What are Active Profiles?

At its core, Active Profiles are a holistic representation of contacts that businesses actively engage with. Unlike the traditional model where companies are charged based on their entire subscriber count, Klaviyo pivots the focus to only those subscribers who are actively interacting with your content. 

In essence, it's about quality over quantity. This not only promotes healthier and more engaged email lists but also ensures businesses aren't spending resources on dormant or non-responsive subscribers.

Why Does This Matter?

The Active Profiles approach holds multiple benefits:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Instead of paying for a large database of subscribers, many of whom might never open or interact with your emails, you’re only billed for those who genuinely matter. This ensures you get the best value for every dollar spent.
  2. Enhanced Engagement: By centering your efforts on active profiles, it paves the way for a higher engagement rate, better open rates, and consequently, a greater chance of conversions.
  3. Streamlined Strategies: With an emphasis on active subscribers, businesses can craft more targeted campaigns, thereby increasing the likelihood of creating resonating content.
  4. Healthy Lists: This model encourages businesses to maintain a clean list, which can positively impact deliverability and sender reputation.

Klaviyo’s Active Profiles model is not just a differentiating pricing system, but a strategic framework encouraging businesses to cultivate meaningful relationships with their audience. It underscores the philosophy that in email marketing, genuine engagements and interactions hold more value than sheer numbers.

Factors Affecting Klaviyo’s Cost

Understanding the intricacies of Klaviyo's pricing can empower businesses to make informed decisions that align with both their marketing strategies and budgetary constraints. 

Klaviyo's cost isn't determined by a single metric; instead, it's influenced by a constellation of factors, each playing a pivotal role in the overall investment. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the key determinants:

  1. Volume of Active Profiles: Central to Klaviyo's pricing model is the concept of 'Active Profiles'. As the number of engaged contacts in your database grows, so does the cost. It's a flexible approach, enabling businesses to pay according to their level of engagement rather than a static subscriber count.
  2. Integration Complexity: Klaviyo's strength lies in its seamless integrability with a plethora of platforms, from e-commerce giants to niche CRM systems. The depth and breadth of these integrations can influence the pricing. Some integrations are plug-and-play, incurring no additional cost, while others, especially bespoke or intricate integrations, might have associated fees. It's crucial to evaluate not just the direct costs but also the potential ROI these integrations can bring.
  3. Premium Features and Add-Ons: Klaviyo offers a foundational set of tools with its base pricing, but its true potential is unlocked when you explore its suite of advanced features. Whether it's in-depth analytics to gauge campaign performance, sophisticated automation workflows to streamline processes, or customization tools to craft unique customer journeys, these additional functionalities might come with a premium. It's essential to weigh the added cost against the value these features bring to your marketing efforts.
  4. Service Tier and Scalability: Klaviyo is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of businesses, from budding startups to global enterprises. As such, its pricing is tiered based on service levels. Each tier offers a different set of capabilities, limits, and features. As businesses scale and their requirements evolve, they might need to move to a higher tier, impacting the overall cost.
  5. Contractual Commitments: The duration of your commitment to Klaviyo can also play a role. Long-term contracts or annual commitments might offer price reductions or added perks, while monthly arrangements offer flexibility but might come at a slightly elevated cost.

Klaviyo's pricing is a dynamic entity, shaped by various elements. By understanding each of these components, businesses can strategically navigate their investment, ensuring they employ the full potential of Klaviyo without overshooting their budget.

How much is Klaviyo per month?

Klaviyo understands that businesses, regardless of their scale, have distinct needs when it comes to email marketing. Reflecting this ethos, Klaviyo has crafted a flexible pricing matrix that adjusts according to the volume of contacts in your database.

For those taking their first steps in email marketing or operating with a tight list, Klaviyo generously offers a plan that accommodates anywhere from 0 to 250 contacts for an unbeatable price of $0. This free tier provides a perfect entry point for startups or businesses eager to explore the world of email marketing without immediate financial commitment.

Here's what you get:

  • Contact Limit: Up to 250. If you go over, you can easily move to a higher tier.
  • Emails: Send up to 500 emails each month.
  • Mobile Notifications: Try out the free beta version of mobile push notifications.
  • SMS/MMS Credits: Get 150 free credits every month, and the SMS carrier fees are on them.
  • Support: Any questions? You'll get email support for the first 60 days.

As your subscriber base expands, so do the pricing options. Each tier is meticulously designed to offer value, ensuring businesses of all sizes can utilize the prowess of Klaviyo's features without feeling the pinch.

However, if your enterprise operates at a grand scale, boasting a contact list of over 150,000, Klaviyo shifts gears. Recognizing that such expansive lists require personalized attention and tailored solutions, they offer custom quotes to ensure you get the best value and optimal service.

To delve into specifics or to discuss a tailored package:

  • Phone: Call Klaviyo directly at 44 800 358 4918
  • Email: Reach out to their dedicated team at sales@klaviyo.com

Klaviyo's monthly pricing is a testament to its commitment to scalability and adaptability, ensuring businesses, big or small, find a package that aligns perfectly with their needs and budget.

Klaviyo cost: Comparison with Competitors

When opting for an email marketing platform, it's critical to understand how your chosen tool stacks up against its competitors in terms of pricing, features, and overall value. 

Klaviyo, as a favored choice for many businesses, holds its ground well in this competitive landscape. Below is a clear-cut comparison of Klaviyo and some of its top competitors:






Starting Price





Contacts/Subscribers Limit

Up to 250

Unlimited (Reach up to 250)

Up to 250

Up to 1,000

Emails per Month


300 emails/day (Approx. 9,000/mo)



SMS/Push Notifications

150 SMS/MMS (Carrier fees included)

SMS & WhatsApp campaigns

Up to 60 SMS, 500 web push

None mentioned

Main Features

Advanced analytics, Mobile push notifications (beta)

Drag & drop editor, Transactional emails

Professional email templates, Pre-built automations, Popups & signup forms

Drag & drop editor, Email automation builder, 10 landing pages

Customer Support

Email support for first 60 days

Not specified

24/7 email & live chat support

24/7 Email & Chat Support (First 30 days)

Additional Notes

Contact limit exceeded alert

Customizable email templates

A/B testing, Unlimited segmentation

Websites, Signup forms & pop-ups

A few takeaways from the comparison:

  • Versatility in the Free Tier: Klaviyo's $0 plan stands out in terms of its comprehensive feature set. While all platforms offer a free starting plan, Klaviyo's offering of advanced analytics and mobile push notifications (even in its beta stage) give it a leg up, ensuring users have more sophisticated tools right from the get-go.
  • Transparent Contact Limit: Klaviyo is unique in clearly defining its contact limit for the free tier, and even sends alerts when you're about to exceed. This clarity and timely alert system can help businesses transition smoothly to a higher tier without disruptions.
  • Unique Offerings: While other platforms like Brevo focus on transactional emails or Omnisend on pre-built automations, Klaviyo's advanced analytics provides actionable insights, which is crucial for businesses to fine-tune their email marketing strategies.
  • Initial Support: Klaviyo ensures that businesses starting out on their platform get the assistance they need, with dedicated email support for the first 60 days—a feature not commonly found in other free plans.

Taking a holistic view of this comparison can aid businesses in making an informed decision that aligns with their operational needs, budget, and long-term vision!

Is Klaviyo worth it?

The true value of Klaviyo transcends mere pricing. It's about the ROI it offers. Klaviyo's features, when leveraged effectively, can significantly boost conversions, enhance customer loyalty, and drive repeat purchases. Many businesses have narratives of success, underpinned by Klaviyo's robust functionality.

FAQs About Klaviyo Cost:

What is the starting price for Klaviyo?

Klaviyo's starting price is $0 per month. This free tier covers up to 250 contacts, 500 monthly email sends, and offers additional features such as mobile push notifications and 150 monthly SMS/MMS credits. New users also receive email support for the first 60 days.

How does Klaviyo's pricing compare to competitors?

Klaviyo's free tier is competitively positioned, offering a mix of generous features like 500 monthly email sends and 150 SMS/MMS credits for up to 250 contacts. While competitors have different offerings in their free plans, Klaviyo stands out with its advanced analytics, mobile push notifications, and dedicated email support for newcomers. For a detailed comparison, refer to our earlier table contrasting Klaviyo with other key players in the market.

Are there hidden costs associated with Klaviyo?

Klaviyo prioritizes clarity in its pricing. That said, while the primary costs are upfront, always double-check for specific features or integrations that might come at an additional fee.

Does Klaviyo offer any discounts for annual plans?

Indeed, Klaviyo encourages longer commitments by offering discounts on their annual plans. Opting for these can lead to significant savings over the course of a year compared to monthly billing.

Is there a free version or trial period for Klaviyo?

Absolutely! Klaviyo boasts a free tier that caters to users with up to 250 contacts. This allows businesses to familiarize themselves with the platform before deciding on a paid upgrade!


Choosing an email marketing platform is not merely a cost decision but a strategic one. Klaviyo, with its unique offerings, stands as a testament to how targeted and personalized email marketing can reshape brand narratives. As you evaluate the pricing, remember to weigh not just the immediate cost but the long-term value and ROI potential it brings to the table!

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