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Klaviyo vs Braze: Which Is The Best In 2023?

Delve into an analytical journey comparing Klaviyo vs Braze. Who emerges as the premier choice for 2023's digital realm?


Choosing the right platform for customer engagement is pivotal for businesses. Braze (formerly Appboy) stands out with its multifaceted messaging experiences spanning push notifications, emails, apps, and more.

Meanwhile, Klaviyo is designed for ecommerce marketers, streamlining the process of targeting, personalizing, and optimizing email and Facebook campaigns.

This guide will provide an in-depth comparison of these two leading platforms, helping you make an informed decision. Let's get started.

Why Compare Klaviyo and Braze?

To make the right choice in email marketing tools, it's vital to understand the nuances of each platform. Klaviyo is a powerhouse for e-commerce, streamlining campaigns to reach target audiences effectively.

Braze, meanwhile, acts as a versatile connector, bridging various communication channels for cohesive messaging. By comparing these distinct platforms, businesses can better discern which aligns more closely with their goals and operational needs.

Klaviyo vs Braze: Detailed Comparison

Despite the reverence they command, both Klaviyo and Braze come with their distinct advantages and limitations.

Feature-wise Comparison: Braze vs Klaviyo

When evaluating email marketing platforms, understanding their feature set is essential. Both Braze and Klaviyo stand out, but they cater to different facets of email marketing. Here's a deeper dive into their key features:

1. Automation Capabilities:

  • Klaviyo: Offers intricate automation workflows tailored to specific audience behaviors. Its adaptability allows businesses to create detailed and personalized customer journeys.
  • Braze: Streamlines the automation process with user-friendly setups for campaigns based on specific triggers and user actions. It's ideal for businesses prioritizing swift campaign launches.

2. Integration Options:

  • Klaviyo: Designed with e-commerce in mind, it integrates seamlessly with popular online shopping platforms, enhancing the user experience.
  • Braze: Provides a broader spectrum of integrations, from CRMs to analytics tools, making it versatile for businesses with diverse operational needs.

3. User Interface and Experience:

  • Klaviyo: Features an intuitive interface suitable for both novices and experts. Its organized layout ensures efficient campaign management.
  • Braze: While also user-friendly, it offers a dashboard rich in advanced features, catering to seasoned marketers looking for in-depth customization.

4. Reporting and Analytics:

  • Klaviyo: Provides comprehensive insights into customer behavior, segment performance, and detailed conversion metrics.
  • Braze: Delivers robust analytics in a clear and concise manner, helping businesses quickly gauge campaign success.

5. Personalization and Segmentation:

  • Klaviyo: Empowers businesses with tools for deep audience segmentation, enabling hyper-personalized campaigns based on user behaviors, preferences, and purchase history.
  • Braze: Offers dynamic content personalization, ensuring that messages resonate with the target audience based on real-time data.

6. Campaign Testing:

  • Klaviyo: Provides robust A/B testing tools, allowing businesses to test different email variants and optimize for the best performance.
  • Braze: Features multi-variant testing, enabling more complex campaign experiments for improved results.

7. Customer Support and Documentation:

  • Klaviyo: Known for its extensive documentation, webinars, and responsive support team that assists users in navigating challenges.
  • Braze: Offers a comprehensive knowledge base, coupled with dedicated support, ensuring users have the resources they need.

In summary, while both Braze and Klaviyo are equipped with powerful features, the selection often boils down to specific business requirements and preferences.




Automation Workflows



Third-party Integrations



User Interface



Reporting Depth



Personalization and Segmentation


Deep Segmentation

Campaign Testing


A/B Testing

Customer Support & Documentation



Braze Pricing vs Klaviyo Pricing

When evaluating Braze and Klaviyo, understanding their pricing structures is essential, as it provides insights into which platform might be more cost-effective for specific business needs.


Both Braze and Klaviyo deliver robust features that promise a good return on investment. However, the true value is derived from aligning the platform's offerings with a business's specific requirements.

Pricing Overview:

  • Braze: Instead of a one-size-fits-all pricing model, Braze opts for a custom pricing approach. The cost is contingent on the suite of products selected and the scale of engagement.

Klaviyo: Klaviyo's pricing is straightforward, with costs scaling based on the number of contacts. This model is especially beneficial for businesses with a clear understanding of their contact list size.

Feature/Pricing Aspect



Base Price

Custom (depends on chosen products)

Starts at $20/month


Custom pricing catering to user base size and features

Scales with contact count, e.g., $150/month for up to 3,000 contacts

Enterprise Options

Available with bespoke pricing

Custom pricing for large contact lists (>10,000)

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Klaviyo Integrations:

Klaviyo boasts a wide range of integrations, with over 100 direct integrations.

Notable Integrations:

  1. E-commerce Platforms: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce.
  2. CRM Systems: Salesforce, HubSpot.
  3. Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram.
  4. Payment Platforms: Stripe.
  5. Others: Zapier (which opens up possibilities for countless other integrations), SMSBump, Privy, Justuno.

Klaviyo's strength in integrations lies in its e-commerce focus. It seamlessly integrates with leading e-commerce platforms, making it a go-to choice for online retailers.

Braze Integrations:

Braze supports over 50 direct integrations, with a strong emphasis on mobile and web applications.

Notable Integrations:

  1. Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS.
  2. Web Analytics: Mixpanel, Amplitude.
  3. Data Warehouses: Snowflake, Redshift, Google Cloud BigQuery.
  4. Customer Support: Zendesk.
  5. Others: Segment, Tealium, Adjust, mParticle.

Braze shines in its integrations with mobile platforms and analytics tools. It's designed to work seamlessly with apps, offering rich in-app messaging, push notifications, and more.

User Reviews and Feedback

Understanding the strengths and potential pitfalls of platforms like Klaviyo and Braze often requires a deep dive into user feedback.

Here's a curated summary of what users frequently appreciate and criticize about both platforms:

Klaviyo Feedback

Positive Feedback:

  • Versatility for E-commerce: Users frequently laud Klaviyo for its e-commerce-centric features, highlighting the platform's multitude of options tailored to online businesses.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Another commendation Klaviyo often receives is its ease of use, with many users appreciating its intuitive design and functionality.
  • Customer Service: Klaviyo's prompt and helpful customer support has garnered positive feedback from its user community.

Common Criticisms:

  • API Implementation: Some users have reported challenges with Klaviyo's API implementation. For businesses that heavily rely on integrations, this could require additional technical support or expertise.

Braze Feedback

Positive Feedback:

  • Advanced CRM Capabilities: Braze stands out for many users as a platform that's tailored for professionals focusing on CRM for growth.
  • Depth of Features: Many users have praised Braze for its comprehensive set of features, especially when it comes to continuous optimization and growth hacking.

Common Criticisms:

  • Learning Curve: While Braze is powerful, it does come with a steeper learning curve. Users have mentioned the need to understand features like connected content and have basic tech knowledge of tools like liquid, HTML, APIs, and webhooks to harness its full potential.

For businesses contemplating between Klaviyo and Braze, these user insights offer a practical perspective, highlighting what to embrace and what to watch out for with each platform.

For a more comprehensive understanding and additional reviews, consider checking platforms like G2 Crowd, Capterra, or TrustRadius.

Braze vs Klaviyo: Scalability and Business Size Suitability

For small businesses, especially those with a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) approach, Klaviyo is the more suitable choice. Its integrations with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce are tailored for such businesses, providing a friendly entry into email marketing.

On the other hand, for large-scale operations with 1000+ users that aim to optimize customer interactions across various channels, Braze stands out. Its comprehensive features and robust customer relationship tools make it the ideal choice for bigger enterprises.


In our exploration of Klaviyo and Braze, we've seen distinct strengths in each. Klaviyo shines for its Direct-to-Consumer integrations, particularly for smaller businesses, while Braze stands out with its comprehensive tools designed for large-scale operations and customer relationship optimization. However, both platforms also have their own sets of challenges, from integration complexities to learning curves.

Ultimately, the decision between Klaviyo and Braze shouldn't be based solely on their features, but on the specific needs, objectives, and constraints of your business. Remember, the "best" platform is the one that aligns seamlessly with your unique business requirements. Choose wisely!


How does Braze's email marketing differ from Klaviyo?

Braze focuses on a user-centric approach, while Klaviyo emphasizes data-driven insights.

Is Braze more cost-effective than Klaviyo?

This largely depends on the specific needs and usage patterns of a business.

How does Braze handle CRM functionalities?

Braze offers robust CRM functionalities, ensuring businesses can manage their customer relationships effectively.

Can I integrate my current marketing tools with Braze?

Yes, Braze offers a wide range of third-party integrations.

How user-friendly is Braze's marketing automation?

Braze is known for its intuitive marketing automation features.

What support does Braze offer for setting up marketing campaigns?

Braze provides comprehensive support, including documentation and customer service.

How reliable are Braze's analytics and reporting?

Braze offers advanced and reliable analytics and reporting features.

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