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Klaviyo vs Attentive: which is better in 2023?

Explore the face-off between Klaviyo SMS vs. Attentive. Dive deep into their features, pricing, and effectiveness in SMS marketing. Make an informed choice now!


Email and SMS marketing are integral pillars in today's business communication strategies. As companies strive to maximize their reach and engagement, the decision between platforms has grown more critical. In this context, the Klaviyo vs Attentive discussion is gaining momentum.

Both platforms offer compelling features, making the choice a significant point of contemplation for marketers seeking the most effective tools for their campaigns.

Join us in exploring the intricacies of each platform, and continue reading to determine the best fit for your marketing endeavors.

The Rising Trend of SMS Marketing: Why It Matters

Before diving in, let's get a clear idea of what SMS marketing is.

What's SMS Marketing?

Simply put, SMS marketing means sending promotional messages straight to people's phones. These can be deals, news, reminders, or any other info that a business wants to share with its customers.

Why SMS is Becoming Big

According to a recent research, more people are opening and reading SMS messages than ever before. In fact, 98% of SMS messages get opened. This is a whooping number compared to other methods, like emails, which only get opened 20-30% of the time.

This isn’t just a number game. Text messages often feel personal and immediate, so people pay more attention to them. Unlike emails or notifications that can be easily missed or ignored, SMS stands out.

The Spotlight on Klaviyo and Attentive

The rising interest in SMS marketing brings platforms like Klaviyo and Attentive into the spotlight.

Both are making big waves in the SMS marketing world, offering unique tools and benefits. Their popularity shows just how important SMS is becoming as a way for businesses to talk to their customers.

Direct Comparison: Klaviyo vs Attentive in SMS Marketing

Businesses in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) sector, especially e-commerce brands, often grapple with the challenge of engaging customers efficiently.

While both Klaviyo and Attentive emerge as leaders in the SMS marketing world, their individual expertise and offerings distinguish them.

Features Comparison: Klaviyo vs Attentive

  • Klaviyo: Recognized as a champion for e-commerce brands, Klaviyo excels in engaging customers based on their shopping behaviors. For brands heavily reliant on email marketing, this email-first platform provides a systematized method of addressing new leads, cart abandonments, and other vital touchpoints.
  • Attentive: Diverging from the traditional 'no reply' messaging, Attentive sms marketing pioneers in fostering genuine conversations. Their interactive messaging feels like conversing with a friend, delivering personalized texts to an audience eagerly awaiting your communications.

Pros of Using Klaviyo sms vs Attentive

  • Personalized Experiences: Klaviyo thrives in curating personalized customer experiences and consolidating data, painting a complete picture of customer engagements.
  • Unified Platform: With both email and SMS integrated, Klaviyo offers businesses streamlined reporting, enabling a holistic view of their marketing strategies. The versatile platform lets brands design communication flows responsive to customer actions. For instance, a non-opened email can trigger an SMS, optimizing reach.
  • All-in-One Solution: For brands seeking a cohesive solution without juggling multiple providers, Klaviyo emerges as a compelling choice, centralizing both email and SMS marketing efforts.

Pros of Using Attentive sms vs Klaviyo

  • Risk-Free Exploration: A 30-day trial lets businesses familiarize themselves with Attentive’s offerings, ensuring they can leverage the platform to its full potential.
  • Guided Onboarding: Attentive's white-glove onboarding process is especially beneficial for newcomers to SMS marketing. Specialists guide users, ensuring they capitalize on all the platform has to offer.
  • Bespoke Designs: Businesses can delegate the design of pop-up windows and forms to Attentive, guaranteeing a professional and seamless user experience.
  • Specialized Focus: Attentive stands out for brands that prioritize SMS messaging as their primary channel of customer communication, offering advanced features like A/B testing and unique sign-up forms.
  • Effortless Integration: Beyond its inherent SMS capabilities, Attentive aligns with renowned platforms like Shopify, Magento, Zendesk, Gorgias, and even integrates with a myriad of email service providers.

Attentive SMS Pricing vs Klaviyo

Klaviyo sms pricing

  • Offers a free start with no initial costs.
  • The free plan includes 500 emails per month, a built-in CDP, and 150 free SMS credits.
  • There's two months of email support for newcomers.
  • For growing businesses, plans start at $45 per month.

Attentive sms pricing:

  • Doesn't display upfront pricing on its website.
  • Encourages potential users to request a demo.
  • The demo helps businesses understand the pricing and features.
  • This approach ensures companies find the right plan for their needs.

Integration Capabilities

  • Klaviyo: Smoothly aligns with Salesforce, Shopify, and other significant platforms, enriched by its expansive API capabilities.
  • Attentive: Offers synchronization with platforms such as Magento, Zendesk, Gorgias, and even a selection of email service providers, reinforcing its versatility.

Ease of Use: Attentive vs Klaviyo

  • Attentive: Championing user-centricity, Attentive's platform stands out for its intuitive nature. The extensive onboarding process and supportive community significantly reduce the learning curve.
  • Klaviyo: Users benefit from Klaviyo's clear dashboard layout and its myriad of tutorials and guides that expedite the learning process.

Similarities Between Klaviyo and Attentive

Here are some of the standout commonalities Attentive vs Klaviyos share:

  1. Target Audience: Both platforms cater to e-commerce brands and businesses in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space, ensuring they effectively tap into their market segment and maximize customer engagement.
  2. Personalized Customer Experience: At the heart of both platforms lies a commitment to creating personalized interactions. They harness customer data to tailor communication, ensuring messages resonate with recipients, which in turn boosts conversion rates.
  3. Segmentation: Klaviyo and Attentive both prioritize segmentation. This feature allows brands to categorize their audience based on specific behaviors or preferences, delivering more relevant content to each segment, thus optimizing engagement.
  4. Analytics and Reporting: Both platforms come equipped with powerful analytics tools. Brands can monitor campaign performance, gain insights into customer behavior, and refine their strategies based on the data-driven feedback they receive.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Klaviyo and Attentive are known for their seamless integration with other prominent platforms. This compatibility ensures businesses can effortlessly sync data across multiple tools, streamlining their operations.
  6. Commitment to Education: Both platforms offer extensive resources, from tutorials to onboarding processes, to ensure users can get the most out of their features. This focus on user education not only ensures brands can optimize their marketing efforts but also empowers them to stay abreast of industry best practices.
  7. Scalability: As brands grow and evolve, so do their marketing needs. Recognizing this, both Klaviyo and Attentive offer a range of plans tailored to different scales of operation, ensuring businesses can find a fit that aligns with their current status and future aspirations.

While there might be differences in specific features and approaches, both Klaviyo and Attentive are designed with a singular goal in mind: to empower brands to foster deeper connections with their audience and drive business growth through effective and personalized communication!

Differences: Attentive vs Klaviyo SMS

Distinguishing between Attentive and Klaviyo in the SMS domain is essential to make informed decisions. Here's a breakdown of their distinct features and strategies:

  1. Core Focus:
  • Attentive: The platform's foundation is primarily built on SMS marketing. Its features and tools are geared towards maximizing SMS communication, cultivating a more direct and instantaneous connection with consumers.
  • Klaviyo: Although it boasts strong SMS capabilities, Klaviyo's origins are rooted in email marketing. This dual-focus means that while it excels in SMS marketing, it also maintains a comprehensive approach that encompasses email campaigns.
  1. User Experience:
  • Attentive: Known for its interactive messaging, Attentive aims for personalized, conversational SMS experiences. This makes recipients feel like they're in a dialogue rather than receiving a generic message.
  • Klaviyo: With its intuitive dashboard, Klaviyo ensures users can easily navigate its platform, setting up and monitoring SMS campaigns without steep learning curves.
  1. Onboarding Process:
  • Attentive: Offers a "white-glove" onboarding experience, where users receive individualized guidance from specialists, ensuring they fully grasp the platform's potential and how to utilize it effectively.
  • Klaviyo: While it provides extensive tutorials and guides, its onboarding leans more towards self-directed learning, bolstered by community support.
  1. Advanced SMS Features:
  • Attentive: Showcases features like A/B testing, sign-up forms, and a unique text-to-subscribe functionality. These tools give brands more intricate control and optimization capabilities over their SMS campaigns.
  • Klaviyo: Emphasizes on integrated flows between email and SMS. For example, if a customer doesn't open an email, Klaviyo can be set to follow up with an SMS, ensuring brands maintain engagement across different channels.
  1. Pricing Model:
  • Attentive: Instead of transparent pricing, Attentive encourages businesses to request a demo for a tailored pricing breakdown. This approach aims to offer custom solutions aligned with individual business needs.
  • Klaviyo: Adopts a clearer pricing structure, often based on the number of contacts. This transparency allows businesses to forecast costs and select plans that align with their budget and requirements.
  1. Integration Scope:
  • Attentive: While it integrates smoothly with popular platforms, its emphasis leans more towards SMS-specific functionalities.
  • Klaviyo: Owing to its dual focus on email and SMS, Klaviyo provides more holistic integration options, bridging CRM tools, e-commerce platforms, and other marketing tools seamlessly.

The choice between Attentive and Klaviyo for SMS marketing will hinge on specific business needs, preferred pricing models, and the desired balance between SMS and email marketing strategies.

Comparative Table: Klaviyo vs Attentive

Here's how Klaviyo and Attentive stack up against each other:




Primary Focus

Rooted in email marketing but has expanded into SMS marketing.

Predominantly an SMS marketing platform with a focus on interactive messaging.

User Experience

Intuitive dashboard allows for easy campaign setup and monitoring.

Prioritizes personalized, conversational SMS experiences.

Onboarding Process

Offers a plethora of tutorials and guides, complemented by community support.

White-glove onboarding with specialists to guide new users.

Advanced SMS Features

Integrated flows between email and SMS, ensuring consistent engagement.

A/B testing, sign-up forms, and text-to-subscribe functionality for more intricate SMS campaigns.

Pricing Model

Transparent, based on the number of contacts.

Customized after a demo, tailored to individual business needs.

Integration Scope

Comprehensive, with CRM tools and e-commerce platforms.

Primarily SMS-focused, though integrates with major platforms and some email service providers.

Personalization Features

Segmentation based on customer behaviors, enabling targeted email and SMS campaigns.

Personalized messaging to make recipients feel engaged in a dialogue.

Reporting and Analytics

Offers in-depth analytics, providing a clear picture of both email and SMS marketing performance.

Direct feedback loops for measuring the effectiveness of SMS campaigns.

Support and Resources

Dedicated email support initially, with a wealth of online resources.

In-depth onboarding process, ensuring users have a solid understanding of the platform's capabilities.

Integration Platforms

Notably with Salesforce, Shopify, and other e-commerce platforms.

Syncs with platforms like Magento, Shopify, and analytical tools like Google Analytics.

This comparative table encapsulates the fundamental differences and similarities between Attentive and Klaviyo, giving businesses a clear lens to determine which platform aligns best with their specific needs.


Selecting between Klaviyo and Attentive demands careful consideration. 

Klaviyo shines for businesses seeking a balanced emphasis on both email and SMS marketing, whereas Attentive stands out for those prioritizing SMS marketing. 

Your decision should align with your specific requirements, be it as an e-commerce venture, a startup, or an established brand!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which offers better value in SMS pricing: Klaviyo or Attentive?

Both offer competitive pricing structures. Klaviyo focuses on the number of contacts, while Attentive's model is based on the number of messages. Value is subjective and depends on your specific business requirements.

Can Klaviyo and Attentive handle bulk SMS campaigns efficiently?

Absolutely. Both platforms are designed to manage bulk SMS campaigns, ensuring optimal deliverability and engagement.

How do Klaviyo and Attentive address SMS data privacy concerns?

Data privacy is paramount for both platforms. They adhere to strict regulations, ensuring data is encrypted, and provide tools for users to remain GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Which software provides better segmentation for SMS marketing?

While both offer segmentation, Klaviyo's extensive experience in email marketing adds depth to its SMS segmentation capabilities.

Are there additional costs associated with SMS campaigns on either platform?

It depends on the chosen pricing plan. It's essential to read the terms carefully to understand any additional costs or fees associated with specific features or usage thresholds.

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