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Drip vs Klaviyo: Unveiling the Best Email Tool

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Ever found yourself wondering which email marketing tool is right for your business: Drip or Klaviyo? Email marketing remains a powerhouse in today's business toolkit, but its efficacy hinges largely on the platform you choose.

As Drip and Klaviyo continue to dominate discussions and gain trust, it's essential to delve deeper into what sets them apart.

Let's unpack the Drip vs. Klaviyo debate and help you make an informed choice!

Why compare Klaviyo and Drip?

When it comes to email marketing, the tool you choose can significantly shape your outreach. Drip and Klaviyo, while serving a similar foundational purpose, cater to varied needs and audiences.

Klaviyo is a favorite among bustling e-commerce giants, known for its laser-focused segmentation that enables messages to reach the most relevant customer groups. It's built to offer insights, helping businesses understand customer-brand dynamics.

Drip, in contrast, fits snugly with mid-sized businesses. Simplifying the email marketing process, it emphasizes ease and affordability. It's your go-to for straightforward campaigns without compromising on features like detailed segmentation.

So, why the comparison? Because your business deserves a platform aligned with its goals. While Klaviyo dives deep into e-commerce intricacies, Drip offers simplicity and efficiency. The comparison helps you find your perfect fit.

Drip vs. Klaviyo: Features Breakdown

To fully exploit a platform's potential, it's crucial to delve deep into its features. Let's dissect the offerings of both Drip and Klaviyo.

Diving into Drip's Features

  • User Interface: Drip stands out with its user-friendly setup. Designed for both beginners and pros, it ensures a smooth experience without the need for technical expertise.
  • Automation: Drip makes automated campaigns straightforward. It's built to simplify complex setups, ensuring your emails reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Opt-in Forms: Expanding your subscriber base is made simpler with Drip. It boasts various opt-in forms that can be easily integrated into websites and blogs, providing a boost to list growth.
  • Segmentation: Personalize your communication effortlessly. Drip's segmentation tools allow for finely-tuned messaging, ensuring each subscriber gets relevant content.
  • Analytics: Stay informed on your email performance. Drip offers clear, actionable metrics like conversion rates and customer lifetime value, helping you tweak and optimize for better results.
  • Integrations: Drip isn't just an island; it connects well with others. Whether it's shopping carts, CRM platforms, or website builders, Drip's integrations ensure streamlined operations across your marketing tools.
  • Mobile Friendly: In our mobile-centric world, Drip ensures that emails render beautifully on all devices. This guarantees a consistent experience for your audience, whether they're on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Features of Klaviyo

  • User Interface: Klaviyo shines with its intuitive campaign designer. The platform boasts a drag-and-drop builder, complemented with dynamic content, allowing users to effortlessly craft personalized and visually appealing emails.
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms: Klaviyo's strength is not just in its standalone features, but in how well it plays with others. Its comprehensive integrations ensure that you can seamlessly incorporate a myriad of third-party services into your campaigns, enhancing your overall email marketing strategy.
  • Advanced segmentation: Beyond the basic segmentation tools, Klaviyo elevates the game with advanced personalization. You can fine-tune your campaigns and opt-in forms based on nuanced data points like customer behavior, purchases, and other segmentation criteria.
  • A/B Testing: With Klaviyo, optimization becomes second nature. The platform enables users to test different versions of their emails, but it doesn't stop there. Its robust automation engine and onboarding tools give you a plethora of flexible automation options to keep your campaigns relevant and timely.
  • Reporting: Knowledge is power, and Klaviyo ensures you're always informed. Its customizable reports delve deep, offering insights into not just campaigns, but also customer behaviors, helping marketers make data-driven decisions.

Pricing: klaviyo vs Drip

Klaviyo's pricing is based on the number of contacts and the number of SMS messages sent. They offer two main paid pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: Starts at $20 per month for up to 500 contacts.
  • Growth Plan: Begins at $199 per month for up to 25,000 contacts.

For smaller businesses or those just starting out, Klaviyo also provides a free plan accommodating up to 250 contacts. This structure allows businesses of all sizes to find a suitable plan for their email marketing needs.

With Drip, what you see is what you get. The cost is determined by your list size and send volume, without any concealed fees or additional charges:

  • For 2.5k contacts: Available on Free plan, or $39/mo on Paid plan.
  • For 7.5k contacts: $124/mo.
  • For 15k contacts: $209/mo.
  • For 25k contacts: $409/mo.
  • For 50k contacts: $699/mo.
  • For 75k contacts: $949/mo.
  • For 100k contacts: $1,199/mo.
  • For 120k contacts: $1,399/mo.
  • For 150k contacts: $1,699/mo.

Drip offers varied pricing options, allowing businesses to choose a plan that best suits their list size and requirements.

Drip vs. Klaviyo: A Head-to-Head Comparison

A direct comparison can sometimes be the clearest route to an informed decision.

Comparison Table:















Business hrs

Integration Capabilities



Advanced Segmentation



Automation Features

Easy Automations

Flexible Options

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive Metrics

Customizable Reports



Dynamic Builder

Mobile Responsiveness


Not Specified

Opt-in Forms

Multiple Options


Campaign Design



E-commerce Affinity




Use Cases and Scenarios: Drip vs. Klaviyo

Both Drip and Klaviyo are robust email marketing platforms, but their real potential is best understood in the context of actual scenarios. Let's delve into how these platforms can be utilized to their fullest.

Use Cases and Scenarios: Drip

The Warm Welcome: Image Source

Example - Fulton's Shoe Insoles

Upon joining Fulton's mailing list, subscribers receive a comprehensive welcome email. Its content seamlessly combines:Fulton's approach exemplifies how Drip can be leveraged to make the first interaction a lasting one.

  • An enticing discount to motivate that first purchase.
  • An infographic underscoring the product's unique selling points.
  • Embedded social media icons inviting deeper brand engagement.

Cart Abandonment Strategy: Image Source

Example - United by Blue

United by Blue understands the art of subtlety. Shoppers who abandon their carts are gently reminded via a neatly-designed email:This example illustrates Drip's prowess in crafting cart abandonment emails that resonate without being intrusive.

  • Brief, witty copy highlighting the forgotten product.
  • A distraction-free product image.
  • The email isn't aggressively promotional; it's more a friendly push with an optional discount lure.

Confirmation Emails:  Image Source

Example - Duolingo

When users upgrade to Super Duolingo, they’re met with a crisp confirmation email. Several aspects stand out:Duolingo’s approach underlines the potential of Drip in sending impactful confirmation emails that reassure users of their decision and nudge them to engage further.

  • Conciseness, focusing on the added advantages of the premium plan.
  • The design is in sync with Duolingo’s app interface, reinforcing brand consistency.
  • A neat call to action, spurring users to dive into the app and explore their enhanced features.

Onboarding Strategy:  Image Source

Example - QuickBooks

QuickBooks emphasizes gradual and focused customer onboarding. Their methodology is discernible in the following manner:

  • Purposeful Start: QuickBooks hones in on payroll – a chief reason businesses opt for their service. Their initial onboarding email offers new customers an invaluable chance: a personal training session to navigate their maiden pay run.
  • Building Trust: By presenting such a high-value offer straightaway, QuickBooks doesn't just display product functionality. It radiates a genuine interest in ensuring the customer has a smooth start. This trust-building gesture is pivotal for long-term customer retention.
  • Avoiding Information Overload: Introducing users to one feature at a time ensures they don’t feel swamped. This segmented approach is more digestible and less intimidating for newcomers.

Use Cases and Scenarios: Klaviyo

Educational Welcome Strategy: Image Source

Example - Primal Kitchen:

Utilizing Klaviyo's email platform, Primal Kitchen strikes a harmonious balance in their welcome email strategy, exemplified in the following ways:The Primal Kitchen welcome email series, powered by Klaviyo, exemplifies how brands can weave their core values into introductions, ensuring consumers are aligned with and invested in the brand's vision from the outset.

  • Melding Brand Story with Customer Value: Primal Kitchen doesn’t just introduce their products; they introduce a philosophy. The email encapsulates their mission to “change the way the world eats”, which isn't just a catchy slogan, but a commitment to their consumers.
  • Highlighting Authenticity: By underscoring "real ingredients with integrity", the brand reassures the subscriber about the product quality, fostering trust from the get-go.

Cart Abandonment Strategy: Image Source

Example - Only Curls

Leveraging Klaviyo's advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities, Only Curls has developed an engaging cart abandonment email strategy:

  • A Personal Touch: Rather than sending a generic reminder, the email carries a note from the brand's founder. This strategy not only re-emphasizes the importance of the customer to the brand but also makes the communication feel intimate and genuine.
  • Conversational Tone: The email is structured to feel like a one-on-one conversation, taking away the often robotic feel of automated reminders.
  • Encouraging Communication: By inviting potential customers to reach out with questions, Only Curls is fostering an open channel of communication, emphasizing customer service, and building trust.

By adopting this approach, powered by Klaviyo, Only Curls boosts the chances of converting those abandoned carts into sales while reinforcing brand loyalty.

Confirmation Strategy: Image Source

Example - Trade Coffee

With Klaviyo's customizable confirmation email template, Trade Coffee crafted a confirmation email that serves more than just confirming a purchase:Using Klaviyo, Trade Coffee enhances post-purchase customer experience, ensuring that customers feel supported and informed from the moment they complete their purchase.

  • Link to FAQs: By including a direct link to its FAQs page, Trade Coffee not only empowers customers to find answers to their queries swiftly but also streamlines the customer experience.
  • Proactive Customer Support: This approach proactively reduces the load on the customer support team, as many common questions are addressed directly in the FAQs.

Onboarding Strategy: Image Source

Example - Oru Kayak

Through Klaviyo's potent onboarding tools, Oru Kayak beautifully conveys their brand's value proposition right in their welcome email:By leveraging Klaviyo's capabilities, Oru Kayak establishes a strong connection with their new subscribers, presenting them with a clear and enticing image of the benefits they can expect.

  • Clear Value Proposition: "Explore like never before" isn't just a catchy phrase; it's an invitation to experience a unique kayaking adventure. This is amplified by a serene image of their signature origami kayak, emphasizing the ease and versatility of their product.
  • Engaging Imagery: A visual representation of a product often speaks louder than words. Oru Kayak utilizes this by showing their uniquely folded kayak in a serene setting, encapsulating the essence of exploration and tranquility.
  • Actionable CTA: "Float On" isn't just a call to action; it’s a continuation of the narrative they've crafted. It beckons the reader not just to explore their product further but also to embark on their own journey of discovery.

Highlights: Klaviyo vs Drip

Based on the above examples, Klaviyo excels in helping brands like Primal Kitchen craft welcome emails that weave together brand stories and customer value. It also aids brands such as Only Curls in delivering cart abandonment reminders with a distinct personal touch.

On the other hand, Drip proves its expertise with businesses like Fulton's Insoles, facilitating the creation of compelling and detailed welcome emails. Platforms like United by Blue use Drip for straightforward and impactful cart abandonment emails.

Clearly, each platform offers distinct advantages depending on the use case!

When should you opt for Drip?

If you're after ease of use, seamless integrations, and powerful automation, Drip could be your go-to platform.

When does Klaviyo shine?

For those in e-commerce desiring deep segmentation, advanced A/B testing, and solid e-commerce integrations, Klaviyo stands out as a top pick.

Drip vs. Klaviyo: Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Words from those in the trenches offer invaluable insights.

Feedback from Jasmine M., Product Manager at MS PRIDE ODISHA FEMININE PRODUCTS, on Klaviyo:

"Klaviyo - The ultimate weapon for email & SMS marketing."


  1. Essential for e-commerce, boosting revenue with powerful tools.
  2. Exceptional categorization for an organized dashboard.
  3. Detailed customer database for targeted messaging.


  1. Challenges in automation while creating sequences.
  2. Steep learning curve, requiring time and resources.
  3. SMS messaging feature underperformed.

For a detailed review, check out Jasmine's feedback here on G2.com.

Feedback from Vic g., Principle at a Small Business (50 or fewer employees), on Drip:

"Quick and smooth"


  1. Prompt and reliable.
  2. Offered reassurances and lived up to them.


  1. After completing the task, they did not clean up their site.

For a detailed perspective, you can check out Vic g.'s full review on G2.


In this comprehensive comparison between Drip and Klaviyo, we've highlighted key features, use cases, and real user feedback for both platforms.

Drip shines with its user-friendly approach, seamless integrations, and powerful automation, while Klaviyo excels in intricate segmentations, advanced A/B testing, and robust e-commerce integrations.

So, which platform should you choose?

When it comes to choosing between Drip and Klaviyo, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your decision should align with your specific business needs and goals.

Drip is ideal for those seeking simplicity and efficiency, making it a great choice for businesses looking to streamline their email marketing efforts.

On the other hand, Klaviyo offers advanced features tailored for e-commerce ventures that demand precise targeting and in-depth analytics.

In the end, the best email marketing tool for you depends on your unique requirements.

Evaluate your business objectives, consider your budget, and explore these platforms to make an informed decision that advances your email marketing efforts!

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