Julien - Tips To Scale With Pinterest

We sat down with Julien to steal his strategy for: - Running Profitable Stores In Germany - Scaling 7 Figure Stores With Pinterest


Here are the KEY lessons we learned from Julien - the Pinterest King

1. German Customers Are VERY Different

You can't use the same tactics and landing pages if you sell to German markets

Instead of selling emotionally & pushing for the sale, make a logical case for why they should buy
Your landing page must be simple:
- 3 Colors (2 main; 1 accent)
- No hard-selling (no countdown timers etc)
- Logical copy (leave the decision in the customer's hands)

2. Pinterest NEEDS Different Creatives

You can scale FB-style creatives on Pinterest, but the best ads look native

People go on Pinterest to get inspired and get ideas, you need to blend in to stand out

Otherwise, you'll be seen as an ad and ignored

3. Hack To Unlock Conversion Campaigns On Pinterest

If you're starting out, Pinterest has locked conversion campaigns

You need to collect 50 conversions in 7 days, which can be hard if you're new to Pinterest

Julien has created a code to "fake" sales and unlock the conversion campaigns so you don't have to waste money on traffic ads

(Watch the full podcast for more)

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