I Audited 351+ Klaviyo Accounts, Here Are My 11 Takeaways To Help You Sell More

After auditing 351+ Klaviyo accounts generating upwards of $100MM/yr here are the top 11 lessons you can implement for your e-commerce email marketing

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1. Brands are not sending enough emails

Most brands send more emails than you think. This is partly because they have larger email lists and they can dive deeper into more segments. But generally speaking the larger of a business you build, the more email campaigns you can start sending. However, don’t go overboard or your email list will start to die out.

2. Brands need to pay more attention to segmentation

When emailing your customers, you need to use different angles based on whom you’re talking to.

For nonbuyers you’ll talk a certain way;
For buyers another.

Segment your list and attack each parts of the list according to where in the buyer journey they are.

3. Send value, not just promotions

Imagine you have a friend. And every time you talk, they start asking for favors… For money… they always just take, take, take, and at one point it may start to feel malicious.

The same thing happens if you only sell within your emails. (or don’t personalize enough).

This is where you can educate your buyers on how to better use your product, showcase happy customers so they feel excited to receive it.

You can continue sending them tips and resources on how to better use it even long after they’ve placed an order. Because if they use what you sell. They will come back for more.

4. Send text-based emails - they’re native to the medium

Most brands start and only use visual HTML emails. While they may look beautiful, we’ve seen that in certain cases text-based emails can out-perform visual emails.

In short, that’s because they’re native to the medium. You and your colleagues, won’t talk with beautifully designed graphics, you will send a text-based email. That’s plain, without any formatting, because that’s how the native medium works.
The same thing goes for why UGC works so well - it’s authentic to the medium you use it at.

We’ve seen the best results for brands where we mix visual emails for the branding with text-based emails for personalization together.

5. Don’t be afraid to resend your winners

If it’s working… Keep on using it!

If you have an email that outperformed everything else, you can resend it! If it’s not a seasonal email you can resend it every couple of months, but if it’s seasonal (Let’s say for Valentine’s day), you can resend that email to the people who didn’t open the original one.

Thank me later ;)

6. Split test only 1 variable at a time

Where we see other brands and agencies go wrong is running split tests that are too broad.

If you take and test two entirely different emails, you won’t know what exactly is working and what’s not. It’s better to take one email, change one variable at a time, and split test that way.

We actually wrote a full split testing cheatsheet here.

7. Do monthly health checks/audits to avoid dead links, random errors

Even for brands that are doing $20MM+ per year we’ve found silly mistakes like dead links in flows being sent to thousands of customers, broken links in products blocks, etc.

That’s why to prevent this we suggest you to do monthly checks on your emails. You can do simple monthly checks at first to make sure the links are working and in-depth checks before big sales where you get someone who hasn’t looked at the account to go through the emails, click on buttons etc.

8. Align the design of your site with your emails so it’s consistent & congruent

To increase conversions, your email flows and email campaigns should be aligned with your website and the rest of your marketing, so you have a seamless customer experience.

9. Email people later in the day, as they’re wrapping up work

After sending out emails on 250+ accounts, we’ve noticed an interesting trend.

In the mornings' people open emails a lot more
In the afternoon (right as their job is about to end or they’ve arrived home), people convert a lot more.

Use this information wisely ;)

10. The bigger you get, the more email marketing matters

Email marketing is what I like to call a supportive marketing channel. It won’t replace paid ads or influencer marketing.

IT WILL help you make those marketing channels more profitable. That’s why the bigger you get, the more attention you need to pay to emails. As you’ll collect more email addresses, you’ll be able to get more repeat purchases, etc.

As you scale from 100k to 500k to $1MM per month, every little optimization you DON’T do costs you $120k to $2M per year.

1% optimization on a brand doing $1MM per month is $10k over a year that’s $120k.

So every little optimization you DON’T do costs you money.

11. You should NOT be doing email marketing, you should grow your business

As a business owner, it’s absolutely irresponsible for you to do email marketing in your own business.

Primarily because you have many other things that will help you become bigger, improve profitability and if you’re not in it all the time, you won’t be able to get the best results no matter how hard you try.

That’s why you need to delegate.

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