Case Studies

Hickap Doubled Email Sales by Switching Agencies


The Problem

Hickap was looking for a marketing team who can write emails in Swedish, Norwegian, and English. Their previous team were creating poorly designed emails that weren’t converting that well.

We revamped their design and improved their performance.

The First Month

We setup all the email flows and generated generated 275,000kr ($28k) 

The Second Month

During the second month, we greatly improved the email performance. Going from 19% of the total revenue to 23%.

This meant that just by working with us Hickap was generating 123,000kr ($14k) more than they would have with their old agency.

Results Now: 48% Of Total Revenue

As we’ve been working together for longer than a year, we’ve managed to continually improve the email designs, the style of copy. As a result now email marketing generates 48% of the total revenue.

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Our neverending craving for better optimization and better emails has allowed our clients to see on average a 37% increase in their email marketing efforts.

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