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Generating $163k/Mo for a Top Cosmetics Brand (Case Study)


*Brand’s Name Censored As Requested By The Company*

The Problem

In March this cosmetics company was already working with another email agency. However, after talking with us, they realized that they were being overcharged and their agency was getting poor results.

$36k Extra In 60 Days

Within the first 60 days of us working together, we managed to increase their sales monthly by $36,000.

More importantly, we kept up the progress.

Now 39% Of Their Revenue Comes From Email Marketing

A few months later we’ve helped this brand scale email marketing from a measly $40,000 to $200k per month.

Our help didn’t end there. We helped this brand find strategic growth partners in different verticals such as CRO to increase conversion rate and ads performance.

Through meticulous & consistent improvements we’ve helped this brand grow more profitable than ever before.

Need Help With Email Marketing?

Our neverending craving for better optimization and better emails has allowed our clients to see on average a 37% increase in their email marketing efforts.

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