2023 Updated Comparison

The Best Email Marketing Agency in 2023 (Comparison)

We found and compared the top 5 email marketing agencies. Follow this guide to find the best email company for you to work with.

Reinis from agencyJR

Email is like gold. Once you have an email address, you can contact this person pretty much for free. Data shows that email marketing generates $42 for each $1 invested. And it makes sense! Everyone uses email. Your business has probably built an email list and with the right email marketing agency, it can be turned into a profit-generating machine.

Unfortunately, most companies fail at using email marketing effectively. Their emails go to spam, their content doesn't produce sales. They don't have the knowledge to run effective email marketing campaigns.

That's why even multi-8-figure brands work with one of these email marketing agencies.

The Best Email Marketing Experts

Our team of experts will create & manage your email and SMS marketing strategy while your team can relax and sip pina coladas.

We've generated over $50,000,000 in email & SMS marketing sales across a variety of industries while typically seeing a 17-34% sales uplift per new client.

Book a free call to see if you're a good fit for our agency.

Managed Email Marketing
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Managed SMS Marketing
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Transactional Email Creation
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Top Email Marketing Agencies (Comparison)

1 - agencyJR
Best Email Agency For E-commerce
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Why Choose Them?

Our team of If you run an eCommerce brand, agencyJR is the right email marketing agency for you. In as little as 4 years we've generated over $50,000,000 from email for a variety of clients across multiple industries.

Our team delivers full-service email and SMS marketing. From strategy creation to the writing and designing of your emails you can be sure we'll deliver the best strategy and results.

Notable Clients
  • Thousand Miles
  • The Birth Poster
  • Toddle Kind
  • Icon Amsterdam
  • Meroda Cosmetics
  • Full Service Email Marketing
  • Full Service SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing Audits
  • Email Template Creation
  • Email Deliverability
  • Consulting
  • Transactional Email Creation
2 - Neil Patel Digital
NP Digital
Best For Education Businesses
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Why Choose Them?

If you run a coaching business Neil Patel's email marketing agency is built for you. As they're an SEO agency first, they are a content-focused email agency.

This is a great fit for coaching businesses as their emails are better suited to mimic your personal style into an email. These emails are more conversational and story based and aren't the best fit if you run an ecommerce or a SaaS business. However for an educational company - they're a great fit.

Notable Clients
  • CNN
  • Adobe
  • BohoPink
  • SEO
  • Paid Marketing
  • Email Marketing
3 - Inbox Army
Inbox Army
Best for Enterprises
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Why Choose Them?

If you're working at an enterprise using custom CRMs or tools like Braze or SalesForce, Inbox Army is the best fit for you.

Their team works with a range of online businesses from charity foundations to insurance companies and even the government.

Notable Clients
  • LandCentral
  • Airbnb
  • Jockey
  • Email Marketing Audits
  • Email Marketing Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing Automation Creation
  • Email Template Creation
  • Email Deliverability
4 - Cleverly
Best Cold Email Agency
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Why Choose Them?

If you run a B2B business, you're most likely looking for a cold email marketing agency. Cleverly should be your first pick.

They're known for specializing in cold outreach via cold email, LinkedIn messages and LinkedIn ads.

Notable Clients
  • Bambee
  • LeaseLock
  • LinkedIn Paid Ads Management
  • Linked Cold Outreach Management
  • Cold Email Management
  • Lead Generation
5 - Action Rocket
Action Rocket
Best for Custom CSS Enterprise Mail
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Why Choose Them?

If you aren't using tools like Braze or Klaviyo, Action Rocket is an agency made for you. They specialize in creating custom CSS & HTML emails.

They're best used for online businesses running their own CRMs

Notable Clients
  • BBC
  • Nescafe
  • Henkel
  • Coding
  • Email Design Creation
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Consulting & Workshops
  • CRM Program Creation

How to Choose the Perfect Email Marketing Agency?

Not every email agency is a good fit. Based on the type of business you run, you have 2 kinds of email agencies to consider.

B2B Email Agency

B2B email marketing is vastly different than B2C email marketing. These agencies focus on sending cold emails to enter new prospects into a sales funnel.

If you don't have an email list or you've purchased a lead list - you're essentially sending cold emails. In these cases a B2B email agency is the only choice for you. As cold emails have a vastly different approach from regular email agencies.

However, if you've built an email list from having users abandon checkouts or fill out lead forms, a B2C agency will be a better fit.

B2C Email Agency

B2C email agencies use your existing email list to nurture & convert your email list. This is a good fit if you run an eCommerce brand or a SaaS company.

Once you've picked the right email agency type, answer these 6 questions to ensure you find a quality partner.

1. Do they have a real plan?

How does your email agency know they can help, if they haven't done an audit? Or they haven't built a real plan of improvement.

Great email marketing agencies won't even offer prebuilt packages. They create custom-tailored solutions based on your email setup and results.

The quality of the plan is an indicator of the quality of their work.

Your plan should include deliverables, timelines, and expected results.

2. What services do they offer?

It often seems tempting to work with companies that provide an array of services: paid ads, social media marketing, and email marketing. But that's rarely a good idea.

A master of everything is a master of nothing. Agencies providing all services cost an arm and a leg while delivering subpar results. The best agencies specialize in 1-3 services. Any more than that and it becomes impossible to work with multiple clients with multiple services.

3. Are their emails persuasive?

Content is key to success with email marketing. So when you're deciding upon your preferred email partner, always be sure to see examples of their work.

4. Have they worked with brands like ours?

Make sure the agency you decide to work with has a great reputation & portfolio. Agencies who've worked with brands similar to yours would have experienced all the difficulties before.

This will allow them to solve issues quicker and deliver better results faster. You can often see this on the company's website or by asking questions to their team.

5. What are their results?

Each great agency will be able to share case studies of brands they've helped. Great results superseded any words.

If a company cannot show any clear case studies or results, they may not be trusted.

6. Know Their Team

Before you sign a contract, ask questions about their team. Often on sales calls you may be talking with a business owner. You may think they're a good fit, but sometimes they've hired subpar contractors and outsourced all the work to them.

Great companies will be able to give you information on the team and their experience. If you can trust their team, you know their company can take good care of you.

Reasons to Hire an Email Marketing Agency

More Sales

Email marketing is important, but hard. Most brands have little to no experience when it comes to creating email strategies, writing, and designing emails. Brands often see subpar results because of the lack of knowledge limiting them from getting better results.

When you work with us, you don't work with just 1 person. Each client gets assigned a team of copywriters, email strategists, and klaviyo experts working on your brand. You can be sure our email marketing agency will hyper-optimize every little aspect of your business preventing you from losing money.

More Time

We will fire you from your business, so you don’t have to worry about email marketing ever again. With the newfound time, you can focus on growing your business further.

The newfound profits from email marketing will help fund:

  • New product launches
  • More marketing adspend
  • More A-list team members

Working with us is easy. Each month we'll create a content calendar with email ideas for you to approve. Then we'll write all the copy and create the email designs and you'll be able to fine-tune the copy & the design to your liking.

After one or two rounds of revisions, your emails will be perfect.

More Profit

Email marketing generates $42 for every $1 spent, you wanna know why?

It's the most effective marketing channel to generate returning customers.

As you know the more returning customers you can get, the more profitable your brand can become. As you no longer have to pay any adspend or extra marketing cost associated with acquiring a new customer.  

And if this was one of your biggest profit-generating channels, why wouldn't you want the best team to take care of it for you?

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What to Expect from a Great Email Marketing Company

When you're onboarded with our email marketing agency, here's what you can expect…

Day 1 - 5: Preparation

We'll analyze your perfect buyer's and your brand's avatars. This will ensure the emails we create are on brand and convert. During this period our team will have a kickoff call with you to understand different nuances you may be interested in. Such as preferred email designs, colors, and fonts.

Day 5 - 30: Flow Creation

We'll create your email flow strategy and fully build them out. Around day 24 you will receive the full emails with our designs and copy for your review.

Day 15 - 25+: Email Campaign Creation

We'll create a content calendar and email campaigns for the following month. You'll follow a strict timeline and 3 rounds of email campaign approvals.

  • One approving email ideas
  • Second approving email copy
  • Third approving email designs

Each approval round is quick & simple for you to approve. Typically takes 5-10 minutes.

See Our Work

Your brand is unique and different. That’s why we adapt your emails based on your ideal customer, your brand, as well as your design preference.

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It's especially good that they can write emails in multiple languages. That along with good personal contact, good communication, and good results makes it worthwhile to work with AJR.

Floris GDG, 8 Figure Entrepreneur

Originally we only had a few basic flows set up, they came in build out a full email strategy and increased our returning customer rate by 60%+

Constantino, D2C Brand Owner

Once starting email work with agencyJR, things really picked up. You completely changed our business and helped us scale!

Adam, Co-Founder, Cryptonary

We were able to plug agencyJR in our business and they took over email marketing. I never had to login or see what they're doing, during the first month they made us 32% in extra revenue!

Mikey Kass, Brand & Education Platform Owner